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Whether you need three stalls or sixty stalls, Custom Equine Barn can take your dream and make it a reality. Working together ,we can easily construct an equine facility that is functional and accommodates your needs- basic to bold, plain to fancy, small or large.
High quality design, materials and 39 years of building experience.


Custom Equine Barn is a recognized leader in the preengineered steel frame building industry.

Custom Equine Barn has a reputation for the highest quality standards that is reflected in an unsurpassed building performance.

Our engineered systems are designed to perform to the highest standards, meeting local and national building codes and design loads for wind, snow and earthquake.

Choosing a Custom Equine Barn means faster construction in the field, less job-site waste, and more cost effective structures. We use both round and square heavy-gage hot dipped galvanized tubing in such a way to help reduce cost and assembly time.

Our agricultural buildings are made of steel frame and metal or wood siding.

Our livestock and equestrian buildings are made of steel frame with a select deck 2x6 T&G..

All of our Products are Custom Designed to fit your needs. Call for Quote Today


12' x 12' Stall w/Grill Front
12' x 16' Stall w/Grill Front
12' x 12' Tack or Feed w/Solid Door
12' x 12' Office w/Solid Door
12' x 12' Groom or Feed w/Open Front
Raised Breezeway
12' Breezeway
16' Breezeway
6' Overhang
12' Overhang on 12' Breezeway
12' Overhang 16' Breezeway
8' Overhang on Shedrow
10' Overhang on Shedrow
12' Overhang on Shedrow
Back Doors
Dutch Door Front or Back
Sliding Door Front or Back 4' x 8'
Sliding Breezeway Doors 12' or 16' Bzy
Grilled Stall Dividers 4' x 12' Vertical
Grilled Stall Dividers 4' x 12' Horizontal
Hinged Foaling Wall 8' x 12'
Grooming Stall Divider 4' High
Grilled Window w/ Sliding T&G Shutter
Skylight Panels 3' Wide
Drop Ceiling Tack w/ T1-11 12 x 12
Drop Ceiling Tack w/ T&G 12 x 12
Gable End Fillers T 1-11
Gable End Fillers T&G
4 : 12 Roof Pitch
20# Snow Load
40# Snow Load
60# Snow Load
80# Snow Load
Feed Doors
Feed Pans
Hay Racks
Deep Feed Bin Corner
Automatic Waters
3' x 3' Glass Window Tack
Man Door 4' x 7' Solid White
Saddle Rack 3 - Tier Wall Mount
Saddle Rack Free Standing (1) Saddle
Bridle Rack - 6
Bridle Rack -1
Blanket Bar
Cross Tie Posts (1) Pair
Cross Tie Rings (When Requested)
Wash Rack
Hitching Post 8'
Engineering Plans (3) Sets
24" Cupola
36" Cupola
Prep for Tile Roof (10# Load)
42' Round Pen 6' High
50' Rond Pen 6' High
62' Round Pen 6' High
42' Braking Pen 8' High
50' Breaking Pen 8' High
62' Breaking Pen 8' High
Concrete Piers 12" x 12" x 16"
Extra Side or Back Wall
Credit for Front Wall of Stall
Credit for Side or Back Wall of Stall

Walls Designs Available Below




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