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Whether you need three stalls or sixty stalls, Custom Equine Barn can take your dream and make it a reality. Working together ,we can easily construct an equine facility that is functional and accommodates your needs- basic to bold, plain to fancy, small or large.
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To: equinespecialt@ao[.com <>
Subject: My Barn
Date: Sat, May 11, 2019 7:04 am


Just wanted to tell you we are very happy with the barn, your guys, and the work that was done.

First, your guys are workhorses! They came in, worked their tails off every day, and were very
courteous, respectful, and always welcoming when we walked out to see the progress. Jose was great!

Second, the work they did was very fast, but also very good. Everything was square, lines were
straight, and these guys clearly knew what they were doing.

Finally, the finished product was exactly what we wanted. We are anxious to get it painted and get
some of the dirt work around it completed so we can start using it.

When we started looking at Barns you gave us a list of people to call and see the barn and get a
reference on your work. Please feel free to use our name and number as we will give you a good
reference and are ok with people coming to see the barn as well.

Thanks again Bob-

Jeff Carman




Again, it was a pleasure working with you guys again. The barn looks BEAUTIFUL!!
Your guys again, went over and above and did a fantastic job.
I really can't thank you enough! It looks fantastic!
Thank you so much!

I just wanted to thank you and your crew for building such a nice barn for me. My life long dream is finally realized! My barn came out perfect, just the way I had envisioned it for so long. The installation was seamless. You all made it look easy to build! Completing my site leveling and excavating was so professionally done with outstanding results. I will highly recommend you to anyone who needs the perfect barn!

Diana, Vacaville

(I wanted to write a referral for you to post, but more so, I just wanted to thank you!)

Hi Bob,

I want you to know how pleased we are with the shop you built for us. Your crew is absolutely the best to work with. The one and only problem, was taken care of quickly and without a bit of worry on our part. We had great confidence in you and the construction crew, since you had built our barn last year. Thank you all for giving us such great buildings.

~Janice & Geoff~

Hi Bob,
I wanted to send you some pictures of the finished product. On the left side we made a covered 32 foot chicken yard and on the right side we have paddocks for the horses. My nephew and husband made me a hitching post for the minis wash rack. If you look into the breezeway, you will see a window that we cut into the stall doors, there are also the same thing in the two divider walls, that allows the horses to see into the breezeway and see each other while in their stalls.
Thank you so much for our beautiful barn. Jose and his crew were the best guys to work with. The barn went up fast and well put together. We are looking forward to working with you in the future, when it is time to build the shop.

~Janice Sage~

Howdy BOB,

Hope yer all doin' great!! that would be fine with us,, Jose took pictures do ya need more? also the Hay Barn we were talkin' to Jose about is on hold now until Spring/Summer. Yall were the Greatest Crew we have EVER came across and look forward to continuing to do business with ya in the future.

Have a Great God Blessed Day!!

Doug & Cherylannie Chapman

Cross C Ranch

To: Custom Equine Design Barn

As I mentioned earlier, we are extremely happy with the barn design, your competitive pricing,
and quality construction. we have had some terrific winds and snow this winter, and it has weathered the storms well.

Jose and his crew did a superb job assembling the parts, and turning steel and wood into beautiful work of art. at first I was a little worried about the Hawaiian Blue roof color not
fitting into the scenery, but that seems to be the one thing everyone comments on and likes out here in the desert-- it blends into the sky.

Thank you again for providing us with a well made beautiful barn that we will enjoy for many years to come.


Linda & Dan Cox
Reno Nevada


Thank you Bob!

Our experience with Custom Equine Barns was first-class. It was fantastic doing business with a company that has a strong emphasis on customer service. I was impressed with the speed in which we received the estimate, and even more grateful for the quick delivery and installation of our barn. Ky and his crew were efficient and very professional. Our filly was born 2 months later and knowing she had a warm, safe environment definitely helped me sleep at night.
Now, several months later, we decide to add to our barn and you are once again quick to respond and fill our order. It's reassuring to know that you stand behind your barns and continue to value your customers even after the original sale is complete. We will gladly continue to refer others to Custom Equine Barns.
Finally, as the wife a U.S. Marine, I can't tell you how thankful I am that your company supports the military! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
We LOVE our barn…
The West Family

Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2006 2:38 PM
Subject: Extreme Appreciation from the De Vault Family

As my daughter and I made our way up the driveway we were greeted with what we believe to be the most beautiful barn in creation! It has been such an emotional roller coaster just to try to make it home, all I could do is cry when I saw the barn. I still am in awe of how wonderful you all are at Custom Equine Barns. It wasn't even your problem, wasn't even your barn, yet you helped us. Thank you, thank you, a million times we thank you! God bless each and every one of you!

I didn't tell you our story, yet you were there to help. When my daughter was born, my husband was diagnosed with late stage IV oral pharyngeal cancer. There is no stage V. Our HMO gave him three months. We went through UCSD's experimental program. He was one of eleven in the study. He was the only one to survive.

All the while, my daughter had severe sleep apnea from birth. She would actually stop breathing and we would have to wake her to make her breathe again. At age four, our HMO felt she weighed enough to perform the surgery. They goofed and gave her enough anesthesia for a grown man. She didn't wake up for ten days. When she did, she was as a newborn baby would be. She had to relearn to hold her head up, sit up, walk and talk all over again. We weren't defeated. We found a way to work through and past all of it. The majority of her physical therapy was on horseback. On horseback, Ashleigh gained balance and control of all her limbs once again. Horses gave my daughter back to me. It's no surprise that we connected with Arabians, as it was a Russian Arabian that nurtured my daughter to physical health. We bought two Russian Arabian mares. One came with a foal by her side. My daughter wouldn't hear of parting with him, so he is also part of the family. Our maiden mare was purchased from a lovely woman that raised straight Russian Arabians out of Virginia. This woman, Deb, had a colt that was in the care of a less than honest woman and she was frightened for him. It was rightfully so. This colt was being starved to death because Deb wouldn't sell him to her. Without a second thought, Bayodnie's Prince was on his way to California. He would stay in a temporary home at Ballena Vista Farm (the race horse farm) until our home was rebuilt. He is an amazing horse with bloodlines and attributes that can't be recreated. He is over 16 HH and was admitted to the American Warmblood Association because he is so unique. In February, we were introduced to a special filly from an amazing stallion. We couldn't afford her. The owner and the manager of the farm worked out a payment plan for us. They felt that she belonged with Ashleigh. Without a payment plan we could never afford a horse like Jewel. Jewel belongs to Ashleigh; and will go far. Shadow is Ashleigh's horse. We feel that Shadow is also part German Shepherd because she is so incredibly protective of Ashleigh. *Shadow has been accepted as a therapy horse for children with disabilities through San Diego Unified School District.

We are still in litigation with our insurance company. Rather than wait and waste Ashleigh's childhood, we took out a loan to rebuild. Thanks to you, and your wonderful group of kind men, we might be in our home with our horses by the end of January. There is a site dedicated to Bayodnie's Prince that will be up for about another week or so.I think he's supposed to be famous in Europe, but we are Californians, so we wouldn't know. We were very surprised when a lady artist from England heard about BP and came all the way to California just to paint him. The CMK enthusiasts love him. You can see more about BP on his site at: To us, he's a member of the family. The Russian Arabians are so calm. There aren't too many of them. Most people only see the seahorse faced Arabians with the hard-to-control temperaments. That's a shame.

We would like to put a plaque up to honor the men that helped to build the barn. I don't know how to spell each of their names and your name. Also, there is a lady named Bonnie from Julian that will be calling you to get some information about a barn she needs. I've told Deb (BP's owner) about all that you've done for us. I'm sure you will be hearing from her, if you haven't heard from her already, along with her horse world friends from as far away as Denmark. They've been praying for us all.

Thank you again, We will sing your praises to all who will listen.

Warmest regards,

Lori & Ashleigh

In a message dated 12/24/2006 8:44:08 PM Pacific Standard Time, WilcoxJR writes:

Dear Bob and Ky and Jose,

I want to thank you for restoring Lori's faith by getting her barn up in such an incredibly short time when the (unnamed) other place took such terrible advantage of her. You restored her faith and putting up a wreathe on the barn door was a very classy and wonderful touch, esp. for Ashleigh, who has been supportive and brave with her Mom through all of this. You are all angels in their eyes, and therefore in ours also. For what it is worth, what contacts I have in the horse world (I bred Russian Arabians) will know about you, and perhaps that word will spread, and your good deed will result, as it should, in more and more business to reward you for your honor, integrity and compassion. Sometimes in the horse world, that seems in short supply.

Blessings on all of you this Christmas and always, and may your 2007 shower you with all the good things you deserve!

Very truly yours,
Deb Wilcox, N3A

Hi Bob

I want to take this time to thank you and your men for the great job you done on my barn,

We contacted every barn company in California and Texas and no one was as knowledgeable about barns as you were,some were very snotty and arrogant all they wanted was a signed contract so we could be locked in, and if you changed your mind sorry you were stuck with what you signed for, any adjustments
could cost you a fortune.and the contracts were very misleading, by the time you finished. the total cost was twice as much as your barns, and not as nice, you put a good finish touch on them. I can't thank the guy's enough for the great job, they are super

I was also very disturbed about the way the sales people talked about other barn companies, but could never give us a straight answer about their company. They always wanted to point out the bad things
never a positive you said before if you can't say something good about the other company don't say nothing at all, I see your point the other companies just talked themselves out of a sale.

Your 8 stall RCA barn is wonderful, we got the complete package with porch for less then the other companies wanted for their 6 stall, I also see what you said about the composit wood, it is not very healthy
for the horses, as our Vet pointed out to us also. thank you for the information it was helpful.

Thank you so very much for all your help, we are looking forward to putting up the 40 stalls in Texas in
September, we will be ready for you. you said it will ship mid to late August.

Best Regards

Brian Lewis
Trainer & Breeder A.Q.H.R.A.

Ky and his crew did a great job on the installation under some very windy conditions. We are very pleased with the entire package. Thanks to you and all the folks involved in supplying a quality barn at a reasonable price.

Thanks, Rich and Pam



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